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Rare two piece screwback 1914 Iron Cross First Class by Schauerte & Höhfeld.

A not often seen pre WWII III Reich produced 1914 private purchase EKI with two piece screwback attachment. The Cross is in superb condition with excellent paint finish to the core, only the slightest wear to the Crown. The silver plated frame is in crisp virtually mint condition and still retains a good proportion of its original frosted and burnished finish.
The reverse still has its very shiny pure silver plated coating and looks just stunning.
The Cross is attached to the uniform by a large silver plated back plate and a small retaining screw, not often found on Crosses produced in the III Reich era.
Not maker marked but known to have been manufactured by Schauerte & Höhfeld.
Another rare EKI for the discerning collector.

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L/11 marked Second Class Spange in matching LDO marked box.

Super rare private purchase Wilhelm Deumer full size 2nd pattern 1939 bar to the 1914 Iron Cross Second Class in virtually stone mint condition.
The Spange is complete with all 4 of its pins and is stamped L/11 to the reverse. The piece exhibits a strong frosted and burnished finish in virtually mint condition. The bar is housed in its very rare 1st pattern matchbox style case which is also stamped L/11. Complete with a section of 1914 EKII ribbon as supplied, in mint condition.
Almost impossible to find nowadays.

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extra pictures of screwback EK1

extra pictures

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Super rare cased 1914 double screwback Iron Cross First Class.

 Almost impossible to obtain double post 1914 vaulted EKI in its superb quality early fitted case.
Crisp high relief iron core with the frame made from high grade silver, reverse is stamped with the 935 silver content mark. Beautifully factory vaulted and with a pleasing patina to all silver parts, personally I just love the patina outline of the Cross on the backplate!
The Cross is fitted to the uniform by two screw posts, a large silver backplate and finally two securing nuts.
The Cross is housed in its custom made early pre 1916 fitted case and is a beauty to behold. It was made by HF Schwartz and is manufactured from wood and covered with real leather, a gold foil EK is impressed into the lid. Interior is lined with purple velvet and white silk and is in stunning condition.
Virtually unobtainable and difficult to upgrade combination for the discerning collector.

Code: 13266


Cased BH Mayer First Class Spange.

Beautiful 2nd pattern 1939 bar to the 1914 Iron Cross First Class manufactured by BH Mayer and complete with its typical titled case of issue.
Silver plated tombak Spange with a frosted and burnished finish. The piece is in excellent condition with only the lightest wear.
The case is typically associated with Mayer Spangen and exhibits a silver representation of the bar on the lid and is closed with a rectangle push button. In overall excellent condition and a real quality piece.

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 Rare two piece screwback 1914 vaulted Iron Cross First Class.

 Rare two piece screwback 1914 vaulted Iron Cross First Class.
Blued Iron core with superb high quality unmarked silver frame.
Core details are incredibly crisp and in high relief, one of the best looking Iron Cross cores I've seen.
The Cross is also factory vaulted.....architecture in miniature!
Two piece screwback comprising a large unmarked silver backplate with a silver plated brass securing butterfly nut. Pleasing dark patina to all silver parts.
An absolutely beautiful high quality private purchase Cross that would be difficult to upgrade.

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SA Dagger , erased Rhoem

few extra pictures

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SA Dagger , erased Rhoem

SA Dagger , erased Rhoem , total erasure inc part of maker logo ( JUSTINUSWERK ) , fittings are early nickel silver in nice condition and grip is also in nice condition , scabbard still retains good paint and the dagger comes complete with hanger

Code: 13261

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NSDAP Party Badge

NSDAP Party Badge in excellent condition maker marked M1/6 , that is Karl Hensler of Pforzheim

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Cased Iron Cross 1st class

Cased 1st class Iron Cross , lovely even patina on this uncleaned cross , great condition , unmessed with in its original case ( some staining to inner lid silk )
Overall a fine clean example

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