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Luftwaffe Album extra pictures

extra pictures

Code: 12762Price: 395.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Service Photo Album

This is a fabulous collection of one mans service career , he was a combat observer , flew in the Battle of Britain , pictures of his crash landed plane also Hitler awarding Knights Cross' ceremony , great uniform details , a collectors goldmine !! loads of never published originals ( around 95 ) and comes with a fair bit of research as well. Very interesting item indeed.

Code: 12761Price: 395.00 GBP

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Hitler Bronze plaque in original case

Hitler Bronze plaque in original case , I believe these were presented to NSDAP Officials . The whole piece is in wonderful condition and will enhance any display. Case is approx 7 1/2 inches x 6 inches

Code: 12760Price: 295.00 GBP

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NSRL Flag , bright colours

NSRL Flag approx. 1 metre by 2 metres so a nice size , no maker ,some tiny nips but nothing that detracts from this bright and scarce item. Look at that eagles face , pure Art Deco !!

Code: 12759Price: 550.00 GBP

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Etched Bayonet by EICKHORN

Etched short dress Bayonet by EICKHORN , complete with frog and troddell. The single sided etch is text book Eickhorn and is in fantastic condition , grips undamaged , knot has unusual symbol on it , scabbard straight with about 60% finish.
A hard to find bayonet by this maker.

Code: 12758Price: 485.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Funeral Sash with deceased details

Funeral Sash with deceased details, probably be an interesting research project , in very nice condition.

Code: 12756Price: 195.00 GBP

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Cased Radio Operators Badge by JMME

Cased Radio Operators Badge by JMME , in nice condition. Pin has been professionaly period replaced so a really great price !!

Code: 12755Price: 445.00 GBP

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Cased Silver Wound Badge

Nice early silver plated tombak silver wound badge by Hauptmunzampt Wein and maker marked with their PKZ number 30. Desirable wide pin version.
Case is the “halbe etui” type in great condition.

Code: 12754Price: 225.00 GBP

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Hitler Bust , desk size

Hitler Bust , desk size , artist is Hedwig Maria Ley to side of bust. Presentation plaque on the front shows it was presented to Rail Station staff at Knittlefeld Station. Lovely period item in super condition. Approx 6 1/2 inches in height.

Code: 12753Price: 695.00 GBP

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TENO Honour Badge , cased.

TENO Honour Badge ,dated 1922 , this represents the year the recipient joined the TENO , all were presented in 1935 and only approx. 5500 presented in total , cased. in superb condition , case still with the matching issue number on base , maker marked WILHELM FUHNER -PFORZHEIM , the very best maker.
This actual badge is published in a recent excellent , highly detailed book by Jo Rivett, and is sold with a copy of the book. This actual badge is the one on the cover , you cannot beat that !!!!!
There are many more fakes than originals so to get a published original makes very good sense indeed.
I also have a 1919 dated badge , also in the book , same condition ( no number on back of case but rarer date as this was the first year when TENO was formed ) same price

Code: 12751Price: 1295.00 GBP

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