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8 Medal Grouping

A most impressive 8-pieced group comprising of a various WWI and WII decorations (such as a WWII-period 1936 Olympic Games commemorative medal. A 25 years of loyal service, The pieces are most certainly period-compiled and are NOT post-war compilations. Next to the already mentioned decorations, the bar also depicts a WWI iron cross 2nd class, a WWI 'Kriegsverdienstkreuz', a WWI 'Frontkämpferkreuz' (or 'Kriegsteilnehmerkreuz mit Schwerter'), a golden-toned WWI 'Reserve-Landwehr'-medal and 2 WWI-period, Austrian awards. All eight medals are in lovely condition and a nice age-patina. The 'Polizei'-medal has gorgeous details. It comes on its original cornflower-blue coloured ribbon having the interwoven golden-coloured police-eagle attached (scarce in itself). The set is fully matching ! Maker marked to the reverse.