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SS Dagger RZM 1052/38 SS , Lovely condition.
SS Dagger RZM 1052/38 SS ( Recently attributed to Puma / Lauterjung , very rare maker for SS ) , Lovely condition. Blade has full crossgraining, only light runner marks and fabulous dark motto and RZM markings , so good , possibly retouched at some time but cant be sure. The grip has a few chips and a split , this maker is known for brittle grips, even unissued examples with tags show this chipping. plating must rate 95% with only light wear on the crossguards. Scabbard is in keeping with the condition of the dagger and looks original , but maybe safest to consider it a repaint . You can just see minor sharpening on one edge near tip but so minor I cannot photograph it , have tried , see picture. This is a nice SS , I am being very critical on your behalf !! These wont be getting cheaper , buy a nice one while you still can.
This dagger comes with an appraisal and Certificate of Authenticity from Frederick J Stephens , a leading expert in this subject.