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NSKK Dagger by Pack
NSKK Dagger by E.P & S. The grip is absolutely beautiful and retains an amazing deep wood shine/luster. The nickel silver grip eagle is MINT with no wear (a beauty) and the SA runic is complete with no enamel damage. The scabbard's black painted finish is excellent , a few rubs but no crazing.
Ball end is complete and only has a minor knock (about a 1mm). Blade could do with a clean but hasn't been retipped or sharpened , and a fair amount of crossgraining can still be seen. just wartime wear. Maker marked E.P & S Solingen.
All solid nickel silver mounts are in great condition , top scabbard mount missing one screw.
Grip fit to crossguards etc is tight and the blade fits snugly into the scabbard with a satisfying "click"
This came direct from a private owner , never in collection.